You are expected to understand this. CS 111 Operating Systems Principles, Fall 2006
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CS 111 S1, Fall 2006

Lectures TR 2-3:50pm, WG Young 2200 (note room change)
Lab Sections F 12-1:50pm, Boelter 9436 (Chandra)
F 2-3:50pm, Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB) 1749 (Marino)
Instructor Eddie Kohler, Boelter 4531C
Office Hours M 9-11am, by appointment, or whenever I'm in my office and available
TAs Shyamal Chandra (Office Hours: 10:30-11:30 AM TH in 4428 BH)
Dan Marino (Office Hours: M 3:30-4:30pm & W 9:30-10:30am in 4405 BH)
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