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Questions for which these are the answers.

Group A

Questions in Group A

A1. False

A2. C. Modularity

A3. True

A4. C

A5. B, D

A6. True

A7. True

A8. False

A9. A, D

A10. True

A11. False

A12. True

A13. True

A14. True

A15. False

A16. False

A17. True

A18. False

A19. False

A20. False

A21. True

A22. True

A23. False

A24. B

A25. False

A26. False

A27. True

A28. False

A29. False

A30. A, E

A31. False

A32. C

Group B

Questions in this group

A-2, B-3, C-10, D-6, E-1, F-7, G-9, H-4, I-8, J-5, K-11

Group C

Questions in this group

C1. A-2, B-4, C-3, D-1

C2. True

C3. False

C4. False

C5. A, B, D

C6. False

C7. E

C8. False

C9. False

C10. True

C11. B, C, D

C12. A, B, C

C13. True

C14. False

C15. True

C16. True

Group D

Questions in this group

D1. A-5, B-3, C-2, D-1, E-4

D2. B

D3. C, A, E, B, D, F

D4. A, B, C, E

D5. False

D6. True

D7. A-3, B-1, C-2

Group E

Questions in this group

E1. False

E2. True

E3. True

E4. True

E5. False

E6. True

E7. False

E8. False

E9. True

E10. True

E11. B

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