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AggregatePaint Element Documentation


AggregatePaint -- Click element; sets aggregate annotation based on paint annotation


AggregatePaint([BITS, KEYWORDS])

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: agnostic
Drivers: userlevel
Package: analysis (core)


AggregatePaint sets the aggregate annotation on every passing packet to a portion of that packet's paint annotation. By default, it is simply set to the paint annotation; but if you specify a number for BITS, then only the low-order BITS bits of the annotation are used. Keyword arguments are:

Boolean. If true, then incrementally update the aggregate annotation: given a paint annotation with value V, and an old aggregate annotation of O, the new aggregate annotation will equal (O * 2^LENGTH) + V. Default is false.


AggregateLength, AggregateIPFlows, AggregateCounter, AggregateIP

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