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Classifier Element Documentation


Classifier -- Click element; classifies packets by contents


Classifier(pattern1, ..., patternN)

Ports: 1 input, any number of outputs
Processing: push
Package: standard (core)


Classifies packets. The Classifier has N outputs, each associated with the corresponding pattern from the configuration string. A pattern is a set of clauses, where each clause is either "offset/value" or "offset/value%mask". A pattern matches if the packet has the indicated value at each offset. The clauses in each pattern are separated by spaces. A clause consists of the offset, "/", the value, and (optionally) "%" and a mask. The offset is in decimal. The value and mask are in hex. The length of the value is implied by the number of hex digits, which must be even. "?" is also allowed as a "hex digit"; it means "don't care about the value of this nibble". If present, the mask must have the same number of hex digits as the value. The matcher will only check bits that are 1 in the mask. A clause may be preceded by "!", in which case the clause must NOT match the packet. As a special case, a pattern consisting of "-" matches every packet. The patterns are scanned in order, and the packet is sent to the output corresponding to the first matching pattern. Thus more specific patterns should come before less specific ones. You will get a warning if no packet could ever match a pattern. Usually, this is because an earlier pattern is more general, or because your pattern is contradictory (`12/0806 12/0800').


The IPClassifier and IPFilter elements have a friendlier syntax if you are classifying IP packets.


For example,

 Classifier(12/0806 20/0001,
 12/0806 20/0002,

creates an element with four outputs intended to process Ethernet packets. ARP requests are sent to output 0, ARP replies are sent to output 1, IP packets to output 2, and all others to output 3.


program (read-only)
Returns a human-readable definition of the program the Classifier element is using to classify packets. At each step in the program, four bytes of packet data are ANDed with a mask and compared against four bytes of classifier pattern. The Classifier patterns above compile into the following program: 0 12/08060000%ffff0000 yes->step 1 no->step 3 1 20/00010000%ffff0000 yes->[0] no->step 2 2 20/00020000%ffff0000 yes->[1] no->[3] 3 12/08000000%ffff0000 yes->[2] no->[3] safe length 22 alignment offset 0


IPClassifier, IPFilter

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