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Unqueue Element Documentation


Unqueue -- Click element; pull-to-push converter


Unqueue([keywords ACTIVE, LIMIT, BURST])

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: pull inputs, push outputs
Package: standard (core)


Pulls packets whenever they are available, then pushes them out its single output. Pulls a maximum of BURST packets every time it is scheduled. Default BURST is 1. If BURST is less than 0, pull until nothing comes back. Keyword arguments are:

If false, does nothing (doesn't pull packets). One possible use is to set ACTIVE to false in the configuration, and later change it to true with a handler from DriverManager element. The default value is true.
If positive, then at most LIMIT packets are pulled. The default is -1, which means there is no limit.


count (read-only)
Returns the count of packets that have passed through Unqueue.
reset (write-only)
Resets the count to 0. This may reschedule the Unqueue to pull LIMIT more packets.
active (read/write)
Same as the ACTIVE keyword.
limit (read/write)
Same as the LIMIT keyword.
burst (read/write)
Same as the BURST keyword.


RatedUnqueue, BandwidthRatedUnqueue

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