Tamer File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
tamer/adapter.hh [code]Functions for adapting events
tamer/bufferedio.hh [code]
tamer/driver.hh [code]Functions for registering primitive events and managing the event loop
tamer/event.hh [code]The event template classes and helper functions
tamer/fd.hh [code]Event-based file descriptor wrapper class
tamer/lock.hh [code]Classes for event-based synchronization
tamer/rendezvous.hh [code]The rendezvous template classes
tamer/tamer.hh [code]The main Tamer header file
tamer/util.hh [code]Utility classes for the tamer implementation
tamer/xadapter.hh [code]
tamer/xbase.hh [code]
tamer/xdriver.hh [code]
tamer/xevent.hh [code]

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